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22 Feb 2017
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Federal democratic republic of ethiopia (ET)


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Population 2012
Land Area
1,104,300 km2
Addis Ababa
birr (ETB)
Latitude / Longitude
8 00 38 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
1,100 $

Main Airports
AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Aba segudHAJM2000 m49 m1682 m7.67036.820
Aba tenna dejazmatch yilma intlHADR2699 m45 m1143 m9.63041.850
Bahir darHABD2999 m45 m1828 m11.61037.320
Bole intlHAAB3799 m45 m2322 m8.98038.800
GambellaHAGM2520 m45 m484 m8.13034.560
GonderHAGN2800 m44 m1966 m12.52037.430
LalibellaHALL1142 m28 m1981 m11.97038.980
LalibellaHALL2423 m44 m1981 m11.97038.980
LidetaHAAL1157 m19 m2361 m9.00038.730
MekeleHAMK3604 m43 m2231 m13.47039.530

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